Adventure Aid First Aid Kit – This Emergency Kit includes 82 Medical Supplies

First Aid Kit Adventure Aid - Innovative & Safety Tool - Fits for Outdoor & Home Review by our survival experts

First Aid Kit Adventure Aid - Innovative & Safety Tool - Fits for Outdoor & Home
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Enjoy The Adventure - Leave Us The Care

This is our motto. This is why we designed this complete first aid kit that will organize your medical supplies, including a wide range of items needed in the majority of home or outdoor minor accidents.

The First Aid Guide Booklet will also help you by giving essential guidance and details about what to do in case of accidents that are more serious.

An Essential Tool For Everyone

A First Aid Kit that should exist in every home, office or car. Ideal for traveling, camping, hiking or survival. A first aid kit that every passionate about Sport Outdoor should include in their packing list as their top priority. Better safe than sorry.

The Adventure Aid First Aid Kit Includes:

Non adherent wound dressing 5cm X 5cm (3) - Non adherent wound dressing 7,5cm X 10cm (1) - Cotton gauze swabs (pack of 3) 7,5cm X 7,5cm (2) - Wound closures (pack of 3) (1) - Wound dressing No 14 medium (1) - Pressure bandage 10cm X 1,8m (2) - Hypo-allergenic adhesive tape 25mm wide roll (1) - Triangular bandage 96cm X 96cm X 136cm (1) - Adhesive dressings (50) - Eye pads (2) - Emergency blanket 210cm X 160cm in zip lock bag (1) - Skin cleaning wipes (1 in CPR Kit)(10) - Plastic bags (3 sizes)(3) - Nitrile gloves Large pair (1 with CPR Kit)(2) - Bandage shears 15cm (1) - Tweezers Stainless steel (with tip guard) (1) - Fever scan strip (1) - Notepad (1) - CPR Kit (including 1 resuscitation face mask, 1 pair of gloves & 1 skin cleaning wipe)(1) - Safety pins (6) - Splinter probes (pack of 5)(1) - Red bag 600D Oxford Cloth (1) - First aid booklet (1) - Pencil (1) - CPR Card (1)

FDA Compliant & Money Back Guarantee

Compliant with FDA regulation, we proudly stand our products behind a « Money Back Guarantee » policy.

Everything You Need In A Compact First Aid Kit

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Survivor Details

  • EASY TO FIND EVERYTHING YOU NEED IN A SEC: Our First Aid Kit is organized in a thoughtful manner, as each item is clearly labelled indicating the name and the use of each product. Therefore, you will be able to find quickly what you need and refill your kit more easily.
  • A BONUS FIRST AID BOOKLET: We have also included a first aid guide that summarizes the main emergency protocols in case of an accident, with explicit and clear information and what to do tips while waiting for professional medical help.
  • 101 PIECES PLUS EXTRA SPACE: This complete Emergency Kit is equipped with 101 items selected to cover the majority of daily accidents. What is more, we included an extra empty pocket for you to add any extra medical supplies or specific medication you need. See content on the product description
  • EASY TO CARRY: Lightweight and compact with many exterior attachments. A belt loop, a carabiner loop and a handle are available to choose the best way for you to carry it. It also has a reflective band which allows it to stand out in the dark. It only weighs 1,5 lb and measures 8x6x3,5 inches fully stocked.
  • STRONG AND STURDY: This top quality First Aid Kit is made of durable anti-rip fabric with large and heavy duty zippers. Every item inside is in full compliance with FDA regulations and the tweezers and scissors are made of stainless steel.

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First Aid Kit Adventure Aid - Innovative & Safety Tool - Fits for Outdoor & Home    Survival Rating:
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