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Wilderness Survival Guide

Whether you’re new to living in the wilderness or you’re a seasoned survivalist who is navigating an unfamiliar area, having an outdoor survival guide is a must for anyone venturing into the great outdoors. It’s hardly the mark of a lazy hiker or hunter who has such a guide. Here are a few ways one can benefit you.
An outdoor survival guide can cover a variety of useful subjects that you wouldn’t learn otherwise. For example, many guides can tell you a wealth of information about the climate and type of forest you’re in. This can be very useful when it comes to going out on species specific expeditions, such as hunting or bird watching, where finding a certain type of animal is crucial. Not only will you learn the everyday habits of the animal you’re looking for, but you’ll also know which weather and time of day is the best for spotting it. That aside, it can also clue you in on various animal signs, such as tracks, scat, and territory signs.
Whether you’re planning on camping for a lengthy period in an unfamiliar forest or you’re just foraging for the first time, an outdoor survival guide is great for learning which foods are best for you. Along with helping you to identify various nuts, seeds, mushrooms, and plants, you’ll also learn how to prepare them. Not only does a guide like this keep you from accidentally harvesting poisonous substances, but it can also help you find medicinal ones too.


When it happens, and you’re finally really in a life-or-death scenario, your brain may fail, and without an actual wilderness survival guide, all that stuff you thought you knew could leave you up the river without a paddle.


Sure, you’ve been reading the survival blogs, watching the shows, and the like, but there’s no substitute for being there yourself, just you versus the wilderness.
If you are even remotely into survivalist training, you should already have a survival kit, and finding the right survival guide to keep in there could be the finishing touch to your bundle.


Not all survival books are created equal, however, so finding real quality among the hundreds and thousands of options can be a daunting task.


Here’s what to look for in the Table of Contents or through browsing the book to make sure it’s got the essentials.


Develop an Action Plan
All emergency services have what is called an Action Plan; what to do first in any emergency situation. Including this plan in your survival guide will help maintain order, keep everyone busy with chores which will reduce hysteria, remember the children and plan to have on hand coloring books, crayons or colored pencils, familiar items to comfort and soothe during the hardest times.


Develop a plan of your own and go over it with friends and family. The foundation of a good action plan is shelter, food and water. Yet, you do not want to forget the basics that you will need in addition. You will need a way to cook; remember to have waterproof matches, portable cooking equipment and tools as well. Preparedness now will give you the advantage over the other ninety percent of the population who may do nothing to prepare at all. Everyone knows the basics of what you need to survive, but do not overlook the basic need to survive, so start gathering your knowledge and supplies, develop your action plan now as a part of your survival guide.